About Cottage Garden Cookery

Cottage Garden Cookery is inspired by a fresh interpretation of seasonal cooking from around the world, using treasured heirloom and original recipes, authentic methods of production, and honest ingredients — including fresh produce and herbs from the garden that gives Cottage Garden Cookery its name.

This is proudly a cottage industry on a mission to share culinary traditions and tastes before they are lost. Cottage Garden Cookery is about helping to rediscover local food traditions at home, and in faraway places, and delighting in culinary treasures that rely on time, quality and skill — and the seasons.


I’ve made it my mission to seek out recipes, methods, and ingredients that have something special — taste, above all, but also traditions and stories, and of course quality and sustainability. How our food is grown, raised, made, is so important.

I am most passionate about dishes that are at risk of being forgotten because they take more time than we usually have, or because they rely on ingredients that may no longer be cost-effective to produce commercially, or because they are made with ingredients, skills and methods that are increasingly rare.  I am particularly interested in crop diversity and its loss.

 I am devoted to helping people experience delicious, honest, wholesome, interesting, and delightful food, whether it’s a bite of old-fashioned gingerbread, a full dinner-party menu of homemade dishes you would struggle to find in a restaurant, or a fun session in the kitchen learning more about culinary arts and traditions.

I  love delighting people with good, real, food. Please get in touch if you need something special or want to talk over some ideas.

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All photographs on this website are of food produced by Cottage Garden Cookery and are taken by Laura unless otherwise credited.

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