Cottage Garden Bakery

Laura bakes delicious and out-of-the-ordinary artisanal goods from her home kitchen, for sale to you directly by special order and at specialist outlets and events.


“Laura’s Old-fashioned Gingerbread is irresistible.  We are addicted!”

cropped verticle gingerbread


Everything is always freshly baked, using the best ingredients (always butter) and treasured recipes — many of them original.  Pastry was my first love as a cook, and is still a particular strength today.  I have a wide repertoire of delightful cakes, cookies, biscuits, breads, pastries, and desserts that are worth the calories.  I always think if you are going to have a treat, then you want to make it really special! 

I love making people happy with honest baked goods so much more delicious and soul-satisfying than can typically be found — and some can’t be found anywhere else.


Celebration cakes are a speciality, with a focus on excellent flavour and pretty, natural decoration, from the subtle and sophisticated, to whimsical.


Other favourites include:  Laura’s best-selling, original-recipe Old-fashioned Gingerbread; her own-recipe Italian biscotti; traditional Scandinavian sweet rolls, biscuits and pastries; beautifully detailed springerle cookies made by hand using  traditional wooden moulds; and seasonally decorated, delicately rolled, iced all-butter-cookies that are as delicious as they are pretty.


For special-order cakes and other goods, please get in touch.

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